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S A N D R A   B R U N O

Sandra has loved fashion since childhood - having realized she had natural skills showing others how to change their style and thus confidently expressing themselves. She is expertly advanced in styling both women and men. Seeing how impressed they were - Sandra decided to become a fashion stylist. Sandra has intensely focused on her business, having gained background knowledge in Fashion Design.


And here she is - these years later, Sandra has worked with organizations and celebrities - providing fashion services plus working on photo shoots and music videos. Her expertise is working on personal shopping - knowing exactly how to match items for your flawless look. Sandra’s favorites come from Tokyo Street style, African patterns, and European designs from early 1960s women wear and attending fashion shows.


Sandra is now well on her way to becoming a successful international stylist. She specializes in personal style through sophisticated style. Takes pleasure in traveling - internationally with styling. She adores seeing smiles on her client’s faces.

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